Run 2015-03-26

Good run today; did 3 miles in 25:30. My first 5k pace time was 30:30, so I’ve definitely shaved some off… maybe those intervals are actually helping??

I also jogged (say at at 9:15 pace) an additional 1.5 miles, but it was a bit unclear how far it was since some of it was not captured on my Garmin.

Result on Strava.

Upping my speed

I’ve long had a goal of running 3 miles in 21 minutes (7 minute miles). I feel like this is a reasonable goal for someone who is fit.

Maddeningly, there are very few details on how long it would take to get to this level, so it’s hard to set deadlines/goals, which I think are really important for progress.

So I’ve decided to set myself the deadline of doing it by the end of next month (April 30). This seems fairly impossible — I can only run one mile at 7:20 now. However I feel like I need some serious urgency to get my crap together and just do it.

Annoyingly this is going to conflict a lot with work. Clearly work is a priority here. Just gotta try to get up earlier in the morning, and focus more.

Workout March 14th

Did another 10-set of burpees today.

Looking at my calendar, I’ve only worked out once in the last week. It’s been pretty busy with work. I’ve committed to put work (and some other things) in front of exercising as a priority. One possibility to ensure that I work out a bit more is to go to the official spin class at my gym.

I’ve also switched to drinking Soylent to save time. This hasn’t really helped too much since I find that I need to eat considerably more than the entire 2L bottle of soylent per day. So I still need (more or less) a meal on top of all the Soylent. Still, I don’t mind the taste, especially with version 1.4.

Back to running

I took some time off running due to inflammation in the backs of my calves. Today I went to do a 1 mile run. My objective was to start measuring my progress from interval training.

My mile time was 7′ 19″. Not the fastest I’ve run; I ran a 7′ 11″ mile last June. Obviously I haven’t gotten any faster, which is a bit depressing. But it’s time to start pushing now that I can measure it.


Been a while since I’ve posted here, due to a bunch of work and an unplanned trip to somewhere warm.

Did some burpees yesterday, got my HR up to 176 and felt good.

Not sure about the Ironman, since I’m under pressure on a bunch of other dimensions. At this point I want to get my mile times down to something reasonable — like say 3 miles in 21 minutes. If I can actually get to that level of cardio fitness (and I have never done so in my life), then I’ll feel a lot more confident.