Quick run

Since I’ve been having shin splints recently, I made a chart of my running activity to see what was causing it. It looks like I went from running around 1 mile/week (during the winter) suddenly up to 11 miles/week. In the 7 days leading up to feeling pain in my legs, I actually ran 15.8 miles.

So, clearly, I need to ramp up my running more slowly, maybe at a rate of one or two miles per week.

In the last seven days, I’ve run 3 miles. I’ll probably try to do one more run this week, perhaps on Saturday, for two miles (this can be my “long” run).

Yesterday I ran a mile at a 7:07 pace, which wasn’t bad for me. That’s on Strava.

New run and bike

I was down in Annapolis this weekend, but managed to get in a nice quick run outdoors with a friend.

Yesterday, I biked over to Bentley and back. Coming back was kind of a nightmare — traffic was awful. With Beaver St. closed, you have to take Route 20 for bit to get on campus. In the future I might try to find another way to campus, even if it’s longer.

I got lost for a bit, but luckily most of my route was along a path I had used for marathon training, so I was able to more or less get back that way.

Both activities are on Strava.

Just a 6:59 mile, no biggie

Didn’t have much time to exercise today, but I figured another a sub-7-min mile would at least help me maintain my fitness. (Missed yesterday — this week has been completely nuts and I actually did this run around 9:30pm.)

Felt pretty good about the pace, I went a bit too fast in the beginning because I couldn’t really track my pace in the dark.

Run is on Strava.

A week of workouts

Tuesday, Apr 21st:

Did some cycling intervals at home.

Wednesday, Apr 22nd:


7.5 mile bike ride up to the beginnings of the Minuteman Trail.

Actually, I accidentally started on the wrong trail, but it didn’t matter because a minute later, my chain popped off!bg

At first, I was trying to open the chain and put it back on, but I couldn’t figure out how. By shifting gears I managed to get it around my smaller gear in the front. I think the problem may have been an “in-between” front derailleur setting that I find useful when using my hardest back gear.

Just in case, I set the bike to a middle-of-the-road gear and kept it there on the ride back home.

Thursday, Apr 23:

I usually take Wednesday off, but since I rode then, I used Thursday to take my bike into the shop.

Friday, April 24th:

Went to the pool around 10pm and did some “intervals.” I use quotes since I only lasted for about three of them… I then filled out the rest of a 20min workout with continuous swimming at a slow pace.

Saturday, April 25th:

Off day

Sunday, April 26th:

Did a 2.6 mile run at a relatively easy pace. By my calculations (my Garmin wasn’t working again…) it was 8:30 miles. I can tell that I’m in better shape now, actually, the only problem is that I need to pace myself with these runs so I don’t exacerbate my shin splints.


mile PR

New PR for the mile: 6′ 51″. And on Marathon Monday too!

Maybe I’m not so bad at this running thing after all.

Feels great to be in the “6 minute club.” Definitely a lifetime record.

What I did differently:

  1. I was kind of ticked off after my bad bike ride yesterday, so I told myself I was going to set a PR this time. In recent runs where I had run the mile in around 7′ 20″ or so, I felt like I could have gone a little faster, so it seemed reasonable that I could break my 7′ 11″ record.
  2. I ran the first few laps quite fast — faster than the required pace. Even though I was getting out of breath as usual, I realized that all that pain would be wasted if I didn’t continue pushing to get a record.
  3. Obviously some of my previous workouts have paid off… I basically used my idea that “if you’re not wheezing, you can keep going” and kept myself running just slow enough to not start wheezing. Because of my previous workouts, this turned out to be roughly on pace.
  4. I stopped looking at my watch after the first three laps or so. (out of nine laps.)

Finishing the week

I ended up skipping my run on Wednesday to recover my legs, and got in the pool for a swim on Thursday. My lap times seemed pretty good; I did 10x intervals at 35 seconds per lap.  Now I just need to get it down to 30 and make it aerobic…

I’ve also found that my fastest swim stroke seems to include:

  1. ensuring that my shoulder is completely out of the water while the corresponding arm is, to avoid drag
  2. thrusting my arms into the water at an angle, forward (it almost seems counter-intuitive that thrusting my arm forward would make me move forward rather than backward?). This is relevant to my previous posts on Ian Thorpe or Michael Phelps, I forget which.
  3. Not necessarily putting my face all the way down into the water. This does seem to give some speedup, but my head needs to get really low in order for my back to flatten out on the surface. That makes it much harder to breathe and, I think, messes up my stroke by introducing a lot of drag during breathing.

I was hoping to swim yesterday, but the pool was closed, so I did a run outdoors. My Garmin wasn’t working, but I estimate the distance as around 2.5 miles, based on the map. I ran quite fast for probably 3/4 of a mile (after I gave up on getting my Garmin to work); jogged the rest.

Quick update

Realize I haven’t been posting much, but here’s basically what happened:

Did burpees on both Thurs and Fri to take a break from running. Was out of town this weekend.

Missed my workout yesterday since I got up too late.

Today I ran a mile, but my shins started clenching up towards the end and I actually had to stop walking afterwards. Instead of continuing my workout, I went home and did some stretches recommended by my physical therapist, and started freezing my ice pack for icing my legs later.

Probably will switch up to some more swimming to make sure these injuries don’t get too bad.

Solid Intervals Tuesday

Went to the indoor track for intervals this morning. My usual workout is 2.67 miles.

I managed to push through the first mile in around 7:58 with some serious shin splints, but I had to stop after that. I took a five minute stretch and went down to the bike room to finish the workout. I did six more sets and felt pretty good about the whole workout, although I generally find it harder to get my heart rate in the target zone on the bike.

Overall, I think I probably need to reduce my mileage a bit and put in some cross-training; I’ve ramped it up fairly quickly. This weekend I’ll be out of town, so I’ll probably skip the 6.5 mile run I have scheduled. That should give me a little time to recover. I’ll replace it with some kind of interval exercise like burpees or biking.

I added the run manually on Strava. It lists it as 0.9 miles even though I clearly typed in 1.0 miles and the speed is computed with 1.0 miles as the distance. Honestly, Strava seems rather buggy.

Monday 2-miler

On Mondays, I try to run two miles, running for as long as I can at my goal pace (7:00 mi).

About half a mile into my run, I realized it wasn’t going to be a good one. I was wheezing; telling myself I would walk after the first mile; overheating in the 40 degree weather. I managed to avoid walking, but I took the second mile fairly slowly.

I had done a quarter mile warmup with no problems, but poor performance on one of these morning runs isn’t uncommon for me. In general, I don’t seem to be able to run well in the morning. I’m too hungry and tired to drag my heavy legs forward, and grogginess turns into the usual feeling of drowning at relatively low speeds. I’ve managed to counteract this somewhat, at times, by eating lots of pizza the night before; in this case, I ran 5 miles last night, so I did almost the opposite of what I needed to do.

Moving my runs to later in the day probably isn’t an option. It would just make it too easy for me to skip workouts. Currently, I have a decent rule for skipping workouts (aside from injury concerns): if I wake up on time, I work out.

Even though my speed wasn’t great, I was definitely hitting my target HR (160-170) for most of the run, so I should have gotten a decent cardio exercise.

Overall stats are hard to say. Right after the run, my watch reported that I had done a 9:27 mile average, with exactly 2 miles. Strava puts me at 8:33 miles, with 1.9 miles run. I wonder if the difference is that Strava only counts “moving time” — so if I stop at a light (which happened several times on this run) it doesn’t count.

I do think it’s probably fair to say that I did the first mile in a bit less than 8:30.

Amusingly, according to Strava I set two PRs: for my 400m and for a segment of the route called the “Foot Bridge to Western Avenue Sprint.” Indeed, on that segment I improved my ranking from around 1700/1968 to 361/1968!  (I imagine this is because most people don’t sprint that particular segment, but rather run it as part of their usual routes.)

Run is on Strava.

Boston night run

run apr 5

Did a night run down into Boston. I slightly overestimated the distance on this loop, so ended up going only 5.2 miles instead of 6 miles. This was my long run that I was supposed to do on Saturday, so I took it pretty easy and with a 10:05 mi/min pace. One interesting thing to note was that the pace shown by my Garmin while running, the pace shown by the Garmin Express app, and the pace shown by Strava all seem different. I’m going to believe Strava since its numbers seem the most realistic (based on how I felt during the run).

BU has a nice campus and every time I run through it I imagine what it must be like to be a student there. Probably pretty fun.

Currently deciding whether to do my run for today right now, or wait until later this afternoon to take advantage of the warmer weather.