Intervals Wednesday

Did another set of intervals at the track. I do two miles, running around a 6′ pace every other quarter mile. The gaps I take as easy as necessary. One question is whether to allow myself to walk — this probably lets me go harder on the intervals, but does mean an overall slower time.

I managed to improve my interval times this week, but took the “rest” sections slower, so my overall pace was much lower.

Run is on Strava.


Set a new PR for the mile today: 6:45.

The following chart shows my speed progress along my favorite 1 mile route. The y-axis is pace in minutes per mile, and it’s oriented so that up means lower minutes per mile (so faster pace). The x-axis just counts runs so far, so the actual distance between points doesn’t reflect the time between runs.

You can see there isn’t much of a trend in the raw data points. Indeed, my previous best time (on this course) was a 7 minute mile one month ago. But perhaps the moving average overlaid by Strava is a better, “filtered” indication of my underlying ability.

run progress

What were things that happened differently this time (not all may matter, of course?)

  • Caffeine
  • Using my asthma inhaler, two pumps (more on this later)
  • Waiting 45 minutes to wake up before going for a run (doing household tasks and email during that time)
  • Running fast enough that my half mile time was above PR pace, so I felt motivated to set a record when running back home
  • Cold weather — it was 55º and raining. My hands could barely type when coming back in.
  • Sufficient sleep, but not too much (perhaps 9 hours?)
  • No workout the previous day

One thing that didn’t seem to matter, this time or the last PR I set, was having breakfast. I generally find that eating a lot the night before is important for good running, but I had a fairly empty stomach in this case. Maybe the mile distance doesn’t really require that much built up energy (glycogen?).

Run today

Did another 1 mile run, a bit below target pace, 7:11.

I’ve actually noticed a slight trend slower, and I wonder whether it’s due to cutting back my running/biking time to avoid injury. In any case, I’m happy to accept that because I’m going to build up my mileage soon enough.

Back in the game

After a week off due to illness, I’m ready to get back with exercising.

I just completed a 1mile run in 7:15. A bit slower than I’d like, but I felt tired and I think it was probably just a one-off poor performance.

I’m also going to look into getting treated for exercise-induced asthma. It looks like I have this.

“Long” run

As mentioned in my last post on shin splints, I’ve been trying to increase my running distance slowly. This weekend I did a 2 mile “long run,” and it felt great.

My goal, of course, is eventually to run a 5k at a 7 minute/mile pace. Since I can already do 1 mile at that pace, I figured I would start by running 2 miles at an 8 minute pace. It didn’t seem that difficult, although I ran into some fatigue coming back home; ended up doing 1.9(9?) miles at a 7′ 52″ pace.

I guess my next goal is to run a whole 5k at the 8 minute pace, and/or to run 1 mile in 6:30, or 2 miles in 15 minutes.

Quick run

Since I’ve been having shin splints recently, I made a chart of my running activity to see what was causing it. It looks like I went from running around 1 mile/week (during the winter) suddenly up to 11 miles/week. In the 7 days leading up to feeling pain in my legs, I actually ran 15.8 miles.

So, clearly, I need to ramp up my running more slowly, maybe at a rate of one or two miles per week.

In the last seven days, I’ve run 3 miles. I’ll probably try to do one more run this week, perhaps on Saturday, for two miles (this can be my “long” run).

Yesterday I ran a mile at a 7:07 pace, which wasn’t bad for me. That’s on Strava.

New run and bike

I was down in Annapolis this weekend, but managed to get in a nice quick run outdoors with a friend.

Yesterday, I biked over to Bentley and back. Coming back was kind of a nightmare — traffic was awful. With Beaver St. closed, you have to take Route 20 for bit to get on campus. In the future I might try to find another way to campus, even if it’s longer.

I got lost for a bit, but luckily most of my route was along a path I had used for marathon training, so I was able to more or less get back that way.

Both activities are on Strava.

Just a 6:59 mile, no biggie

Didn’t have much time to exercise today, but I figured another a sub-7-min mile would at least help me maintain my fitness. (Missed yesterday — this week has been completely nuts and I actually did this run around 9:30pm.)

Felt pretty good about the pace, I went a bit too fast in the beginning because I couldn’t really track my pace in the dark.

Run is on Strava.

A week of workouts

Tuesday, Apr 21st:

Did some cycling intervals at home.

Wednesday, Apr 22nd:


7.5 mile bike ride up to the beginnings of the Minuteman Trail.

Actually, I accidentally started on the wrong trail, but it didn’t matter because a minute later, my chain popped off!bg

At first, I was trying to open the chain and put it back on, but I couldn’t figure out how. By shifting gears I managed to get it around my smaller gear in the front. I think the problem may have been an “in-between” front derailleur setting that I find useful when using my hardest back gear.

Just in case, I set the bike to a middle-of-the-road gear and kept it there on the ride back home.

Thursday, Apr 23:

I usually take Wednesday off, but since I rode then, I used Thursday to take my bike into the shop.

Friday, April 24th:

Went to the pool around 10pm and did some “intervals.” I use quotes since I only lasted for about three of them… I then filled out the rest of a 20min workout with continuous swimming at a slow pace.

Saturday, April 25th:

Off day

Sunday, April 26th:

Did a 2.6 mile run at a relatively easy pace. By my calculations (my Garmin wasn’t working again…) it was 8:30 miles. I can tell that I’m in better shape now, actually, the only problem is that I need to pace myself with these runs so I don’t exacerbate my shin splints.