The Gran Fondo

At the beginning of this month, I joined a challenge on Strava: do a “Gran Fondo,” or ride 115 km (71.45 miles) in one day.gran-fondo-115-6-v1

At this point, it’s looking like I’ll miss the end of the month by a few days, but my trip is mostly planned out. I’m going to be biking down to Providence using this route; I’ll also have to bike perhaps another 20 miles along the Providence bike trail once I get there. I’m trying to hustle up a friend to come with me, too.

I still need to buy some equipment:

  • Water bottle holders (for both bikes, if my friend comes…)
  • Food
  • Bigger bike bag (or just an extra one)
  • Small first aid stuff (probably already have this)
  • Extra spare tire tube and CO2 canister
  • Jersey
  • Gatorades

I also need to do a few random tasks:

  • Plan out the map/route and commit it to memory. FIND BATHROOMS.
  • Raise my bike seat on my tri bike
  • Swap out the pedals on my road bike

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