So ready to break 6:30…

Did another mile run this morning in 6:52.

Funny how quickly the hedonic treadmill works. I was elated to break the 7 minute barrier 2 months ago, but now just another sub-7 minute run is “slow”.

As Scott Adams puts it, if you have a “goal-oriented” lifestyle, you spend almost all your life feeling like you’re underperforming. In this case, my next milestone is a 6:30 mile, so if I go out there thinking I want to do that, and end up going backwards in terms of performance, well…

Still, I feel pretty happy this morning. I think being below the 7 minute barrier is psychologically very helpful for me, since I feel like “at least I’m an objectively fit person, just having an off day.” Being at this level of fitness is new for me, and I’m still enjoying it.

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