Solid Intervals Tuesday

Went to the indoor track for intervals this morning. My usual workout is 2.67 miles.

I managed to push through the first mile in around 7:58 with some serious shin splints, but I had to stop after that. I took a five minute stretch and went down to the bike room to finish the workout. I did six more sets and felt pretty good about the whole workout, although I generally find it harder to get my heart rate in the target zone on the bike.

Overall, I think I probably need to reduce my mileage a bit and put in some cross-training; I’ve ramped it up fairly quickly. This weekend I’ll be out of town, so I’ll probably skip the 6.5 mile run I have scheduled. That should give me a little time to recover. I’ll replace it with some kind of interval exercise like burpees or biking.

I added the run manually on Strava. It lists it as 0.9 miles even though I clearly typed in 1.0 miles and the speed is computed with 1.0 miles as the distance. Honestly, Strava seems rather buggy.

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