Boston night run

run apr 5

Did a night run down into Boston. I slightly overestimated the distance on this loop, so ended up going only 5.2 miles instead of 6 miles. This was my long run that I was supposed to do on Saturday, so I took it pretty easy and with a 10:05 mi/min pace. One interesting thing to note was that the pace shown by my Garmin while running, the pace shown by the Garmin Express app, and the pace shown by Strava all seem different. I’m going to believe Strava since its numbers seem the most realistic (based on how I felt during the run).

BU has a nice campus and every time I run through it I imagine what it must be like to be a student there. Probably pretty fun.

Currently deciding whether to do my run for today right now, or wait until later this afternoon to take advantage of the warmer weather.

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