Continuing with bike

Two days ago (Tuesday), I had a hard time completing the workout — I think my legs were just shot from training. So I decided to take a rest yesterday (Wednesday).

Did another solid bike workout today, but started reaching the limits of my legs in the second half of the set. Somehow I feel like the lack of energy is related both overtraining and not eating enough the night before (I’ve observed this in running too — eating a pizza the night before does wonders for my legs).

In any case, it’s a bit of a bummer, because I feel like my ability to raise my heart rate is limited by the fact that my legs just can’t go on. I’ve started experimenting with lowering the gear when my legs start feeling too heavy to lift at a reasonable speed. Another possibility would be to increase the rest time between intervals.

I will say this method seemed to make me extra sweaty, although I’m not sure whether the effect on heart rate was significant.

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