Back on schedule

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve been sleeping a great deal over the past few days. Indeed, sometimes I get so tired that I can barely read my computer screen.  Generally procrastination has won out, which keeps me up late and, as a result, forces me to sleep in late.  But last night I managed to fall asleep around 11, and I got up today at 6:30 (or more like 6:50 if you count the time I actually got out of bed).

I’m still not sure whether this fatigue is exercise-related, but I’m somehow hoping it might be, since I would like my workouts to be having some effect. I’ve noticed a steep drop-off on my resting heart rate recently, which I also can’t really explain. It may simply be related to getting more sleep rather than being more fit.  (My blood pressure doesn’t seem to have changed and is a flat 120/80 — I would like to get it slightly lower.)

I’m getting back on the bike again this morning and will try turning it around to face the window so I can enjoy the snow. I’ve also experimented with listening to music while I ride and that seems to have worked well.

Another idea is to brush my teeth before getting on the bike. I find brushing my teeth to be really unpleasant (boring), so I often procrastinate it for 10 minutes or more. But I like exercise even less, so I can procrastinate working out by brushing my teeth. So far, it seems to be working.

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