About to get on the bike for the next 13 minutes.  Thought I would quickly run down the electronic gear that I have now and think about what I want to get.

  1. Timex Ironman watch. This is simple, long-lasting, and water-resistant. Great for computing heart rates on the fly, swimming, and intervals.
  2. Garmin Forerunner 10. This rather expensive watch was given to me by one of the most generous people I know. It’s perfect for logging my outdoor runs and bikes in Strava. I’m thinking this will be good for either tempo (short distances near max effort) or distance activities outdoors.
  3. Bike computer. This goes on my bike and measures distance and speed. I don’t have a power monitor, but that seems somewhat excessive… I feel like I already have too many devices.
  4. I may buy a heart rate monitor, depending on how cheap I can get one. It’s a bit inconvenient to have to stop and check my HR all the time. That said, again it’s sometimes better to just stop overthinking devices and actually work out.

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