13 minutes of pain

As I’ve mentioned, this week has been pretty bad in terms of work, so I’ve been trying to find workouts that don’t take too much time. Burpees are one example.

I found that I couldn’t do more than a few burpees yesterday since my muscles were still sore from the last time I did them. So I set up my road bike on my trainer and did some intervals.

The workout consisted of 10x of:

1. Put bike in maximum gear and pedal as hard as possible for 60 seconds
2. Switch to smaller front gear and cycle at a recovery pace for 30 seconds (basically as slow as need be)

With a 30 second warmup in the easy gear, it adds up to 13 minutes.

I like this length because I definitely felt I was going all out for most of it. After the first two sets my heart rate was around 160, and it went up to 176 (at least — I’m measuring it during the breaks manually, so I don’t really know what it was during the peaks). At the end it was a steady 160. With my max HR around 195, I’m targeting 165 as my 85% threshold for “high-intensity”.

I’m also able to at least complete the exercise in the given time parameters, while with burpees, after five sets I need to increase the break times.

I’m hoping to get back into the pool next week, once I’ve finished this major project.

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