Swim workout: building speed

Went to the pool last night and executed my plan for interval training.  Some observations:

1. I must have been fooling myself to think I could do 25 yards in 45 seconds continuously. It’s probably more like 50 or 55 seconds.

2. When fresh, I can do the 50y in 1 minute, take a 15 second break, then do the next 50y.  But later into the workout I found myself taking more like 1:10 or 1:15, then taking a 20 or 30 second break.

3. Methodologies 2 and 3 are fairly unnecessary since I’m already pushing myself pretty hard when I do methodology 1. I probably should just do 2 sets of that (I didn’t really have time for a third set).

4. My heart rate towards the end of the workout was around 150-160. My max heart rate is supposedly 194 (although I’ve never seen any instance of that in all my training). 85% of that is 165, so I’m probably coming in a little below target effort for high intensity exercise, although not by much.

5. The 15 second breaks are quite convenient for measuring your heart rate.

I have a dinner tonight so I’m going to try to swim at lunch, but I’m fairly tired now so I’m not sure how well it’s going to go.

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