Training updates

  1. Missed the gym yesterday due to MLK day; pool was closed.
  2. I think it’s time to work on speed rather than technique when it comes to swimming.
  3. It’s probably reasonable for me to try to swim 100 yards in 2 minutes. (I’ve seen 100 yards in 1.5 minutes quoted online, but my current speed is something like 100 yards in 3 minutes).
  4. I think my swim intervals will be based on this website:
    1. 10 x 50y intervals, with 15 second breaks.
    2. 10 x 50y intervals, with a total of 1:15 for each interval.
    3. 5 x 50y intervals, swim as fast as possible, and break up the sets with a slow lap.
  5. This interval program should take about 40 minutes, which is my usual swim time.
  6. Some of the claims about swim speeds are truly ridiculous — like people saying they can swim 100 yards in a minute. (I don’t doubt it, but these guys are swimming 3x faster than I.)
  7. My Theraband that I was using for physical therapy broke yesterday; I’ll try to get a new one today.

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